NEW broncolor Scoro packs – now with WiFi!

csm_WEB_170425_BE_Scoro_WiFi_Banner_960x400_E_edit_3d4faf56e5Scoro is the first choice for extraordinary pictures. Thanks to the manifold and one of a kind possibilities, this power pack is the ideal light source in professional photography.

31.046.XX 31.047.XX 31.066.XX 31.067.XX Scoro WiFi familyThanks to reworked hardware and firmware, both the Scoro E and Scoro S models now ship with built-in WiFi support, enabling the packs to be controlled remotely through the existing bronControl app (for iOS and Android devices), as well as the new desktop versions for Mac OS and Windows computers.

The new desktop software enables photographers to connect their desktop or laptop to the Scoro WiFi units, allowing for wireless operation and faster workflow. What’s more, the software it is also compatible with all the existing Siros WiFi enabled products! You can download the beta version here.

The Scoro WiFi has functionality for both independent (private mode) and existing local network (enterprise mode) connections, with support for 802.11 b/g/n standards and ‘Open’, ‘WPA’ and ‘WPA2’ encryptions.

Cosmetically, the Scoro WiFi sports a new matte black finish with a soft touch feel to the top control panel.

The existing Scoro E and Scoro S part numbers have been replaced with new numbers, as per the below. Prices haven’t changed and all other functionality/performance also remains the same.

Old: 31.062.12 – Scoro 1600 E / New: 31.066.12 – Scoro 1600 E WiFi
Old: 31.063.12 – Scoro 3200 E / New: 31.067.12 – Scoro 3200 E WiFi
Old: 31.044.12 – Scoro 1600 S / New: 31.046.12 – Scoro 1600 S WiFi
Old: 31.045.12 – Scoro 3200 S / New: 31.047.12 – Scoro 3200 S WiFi

The new Scoro WiFi is available now. Give us a call on 01749 813044, email us on or visit our website.

Upgrade Possibilities
Existing Scoro E and Scoro S units can be upgraded at broncolor’s factory in Basel, Switzerland. Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade the older Scoro A2/A4 and Scoro A2S/A4S units. Please contact us for more details.


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